Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is called a lazy post...

How to perform a lazy post...

Step 1: Go to a friend's blog.
Step 2: Rip off the cute pictures of your kid with their kid.
Step 3: Post them on your blog.

I at least put them in a different order...

Jake and Mattie looking cute.

Mattie making sure Jake knows who is in control. Notice who is driving! :)

All photography credit goes to the photographer of the year, Miss Ginny Vietti. Check out her blog, Vietti-Ville.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday and Thanks!

Thanks for all the kind words coming from my last post. I hope it wasn't too depressing...I really feel that way and I feel like most of the females I know struggle with this so I thought it was time to talk about it. (Men don't seem to suffer in this realm as much as women, but I know there are some that do. My husband is just NOT one of those people. Thank God for him!)

So on a happier note, here are pics from the Easter egg hunt at church on Sunday...too cute! Jacob was a pro at hunting for eggs, putting them in the basket and then opening them to find his suprise. He was ALL about the surprise inside! :) How did he know there should be a surprise inside? Because we hunted eggs on Friday with some older kids and he witnessed them doing this and realized the goodness he should be looking for!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It begins NOW

Friday night I went out with some friends and we began talking about how we hate ourselves on some level. Most women I know tend to do this...we are never pretty enough or skinny enough, etc. Why do we do this to oursleves? As for the women I was with on Friday night...we all resolved it was part of our upbringing and how we have learned to view ourselves, but we want to know HOW we undo these thoughts/ do we begin to unwire these thoughts. All I can conclude is that it BEGINS NOW! This thought came after I began looking at the pictures of myself from Easter with my son. I started hating on myself and thinking how horrible that I look. And suddenly all I could think was...IT BEGINS NOW!!! STOP, STOP, STOP!!!! Don't I have something more to offer then just how I look? Don't I have a soul that is worth getting to know? I am worth something and bring something to the table so if my hair looks bad and my face looks fat does it REALLY MATTER???? NO IT DOESN'T MATTER! Today I have won the battle...tomorrow is a new day...we shall see...can I really unwire all this mess in my mind?